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Manufactures or importers of guns

AAA Ammo
ADCO Sales
Accuracy International
AcuSport Corporation
AR-7 Industries
Arnold Arms
Auto-OrdnanceUnofficial Tommy Gun
Armalite Inc
Brown (Ed Brown Products Inc)
Beeman Precision Airguns
Bear Arms, Inc.
Ballard Rifle & Cartridge Co.
Benelli USA
Briley Manufacturing Inc.
Bunduki Travel
Barnes Bullets
Browning Arms
Brigade Gun Leather
Century International Arms.
Connecticut Shotgun
Connecticut Valley Arms Co.
Cylinder & Slide Inc
Casull Arms
Cooper Firearms
Cor Bon
Cimarron Firearms
Christensen Arms
Consealed weapons cases
Dakota Arms Inc.
Dixie Gun Works
Desants  Holster
Entreprise Arms
Eräliike Riistamaa
European American Armory
Freedom Arms
F. J. Vollmer
Gibbs Rifle
Gem Tech
Gonic Arm
Heckler & Koch USA
H & K

Hatcher Gun Company
Henry Repeating Arms Co.
Heritage Manufacturing Inc.

Hesse Arms
H-S Precision, Inc.
Hi-Point Firearms
High Standa


I.A.B. s.r.l.
IAR, Inc.
Israel Arms
K B I Inc
Knight Rifles
Kolar Arms
Unofficial KAHR arms
Kimber America

Kel Tec


LAR Manufacturing Inc.

Lenartz Muzzleloading Inc.
Lone Star Rifle Company
Lorcin Engineering Company Inc

Lafrance / Nait
Lissner Barrels
Little Jon's Shotmaker
Limcat Custom Products
Les baer
Leupold Scopes
Lynx Rifles
Lew Horton

Magnum Research
McMillan Bros Rifle Co., Inc.
Millennium Designed Muzzleloaders Ltd.
Modern Muzzleloading Inc
Muzzleloading Technologies, Inc
Mossberg Firearms
Mauser-Werke Oberndorf
Mr 40mm
No Rust Bags

National Bullet
Night Vision
New England Firearms
Navy Arms
North American Arms
Olympic Arms.
Old West Scrounger

Para Ordance
Pauza Specialites
Panther Arms-DPMS
Robar Guns
Riflesmith, Inc (Sharps)
Samco Global. Sales
Savage Arms
J.P. Sauer & Sehn
Springfield Armory
Smith & Wesson
Smith Enterprise
Skb Shotguns
Unofficial Sig Sauer
Scattergun Technology
Shepherd Scopes
TC ArmsUnofficial TC Arms
Taylors Firearms
USA Magazines
United States Firearms
Uncle Mikes Holsters
United States Optics
Wilson Combat
ZM Weapons

State  Associations

Alaska Fish and Wildlife Conservation Fund
Arizona State Rifle & Pistol Association
California Rifle & Pistol Association
California Gun Owners
Colorado Gun Collectors Association
Colorado Sporting Clays Association
Colorado State Shooting Association
Florida Sport Shooting Association
Florida Skeet Association
South Florida Sporting Clays
Florida Sporting Clays Association
Georgia Sport Shooting Association
Hawaii Rifle Association
Illinois State Rifle Association
Indiana State Rifle & Pistol Association
Iowa State Rifle & Pistol Association
Kansas State Rifle Association
Louisiana Shooting Association
Maine Pine Tree State Rifle & Pistol Association
Maine Pine Tree State Rifle & Pistol Association, Inc.
Maryland   Sporting Clays Association
Michigan Coalition for Responsible Gun Owners
Minnesota Silhouette Association
Minnesota Sporting Clays Association
Missouri Concealed Carry
Nebraska Rifle & Pistol Association
Nebraska Weeping Water Gun Club
New Jersey Muzzle Loading Association
New Jersey Coalition of New Jersey Sportsmen
NJ Smallbore Schedule & Information
New Jersey State Federation of Sportsmen's Clubs
New Mexico Shooting Sports Association, Inc.
New Mexico Gun CollectorsAssociation
North Dakota Shooting Sports Association
Ohio State Skeet Association
Ohio Gun Rights Coalition
Ohio Gun Collectors Association
Oklahoma Rifle Association
Oklahoma Sportsmen's Coalition
Oregon State Shooting Association
Pennsylvania State Rifle & Pistol Association
Pennsylvania Skeet Shooting Association
South Carolina Sporting Clays Association
South Carolina Sporting Clays Assoc
South Carolina  Gun  Owners
Tennessee Firearms Association
Tennessee Shooting Sports Association
Texas State Rifle Association
Texas Sporting Clays Association
Texas Concealed Handgun Instructor Association
Utah State Rifle & Pistol Association
Utah Shooting Sports Organization
Utah Shooting Sports Council
Utah Precision Marksmanship Society
Virginia Shooting Sports Association
Virginia Citizens Defense League, Inc.
Washington Arms Collectors
West Virginia State Rifle & Pistol Association
Wisconsin Rifle & Pistol Association

Clubs and associations

1934 Group
12th Precient Pistol and Archery Club
Arkansas rifle and Pistol collision
American Shooting Sports Council
American Pistolsmith Guild
Amateur Trapshooting Association
American Single Shot Rifle Association
ATA Western Zone Trapshooting Issaquah Sportsmen Club
Aurora Sportsmen's Club
Amateur Trap Shooting Association
American Firearms Association
Alaska Outdoor Council
Alaska Bowhunters Association
Ateneo Rifle Pistol Team
American Shooting Sports Council
Arming Women Against Rape and Endangerment (AWARE)
BOW: Becomming an Outdoors-Woman
Brassroots, Inc.
Blue and Gray Rifle and Pistol Club
Bears Ears Sportsman Club Homepage
Buffalo Trap & Skeet - WY.
Berkeley Gun Club
California NRA Members Council
California Rifle and Pistol Association
Corpus Christi Gun Club
Clay Pigeon Shooting Association (CPSA)
Coon 'n Crockett Muzzleloaders Club
Quail Run - Colorado
Citizen's Rifle & Revolver Club
Coal Creek Gun Club
Capitol City Rifle and Pistol Club
CMU Gun Club Page, The
CCRJ - Clube dos Caadores do Rio de Janeiro
Club Clayshooting
CAS City, Internet Territory [Cowboy Action Shooting]
Champaign County Rifle Association
Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) (Army)
Colorado Bowhunters Association (CBA)
Colorado Division of Wildlife
Colorado Muzzle Loading Associations [NMLRA]
Colorado Sportsmen Wildlife Fund, Inc.
Colorado Springs Muzzle Loaders
Colorado Wildlife Conservation Coalition
ConcealCarry.ORG [ Illinois ]
Cowboy Mounted Shooters Association
Coon 'n Crockett Muzzleloaders
Central Ozarks Practical Shooters
Cast Bullet Association
Clay Target Shooting in New Zealand
California Varmit Callers Assoc
Columbia Green Valley Rifle & Pistol Club
Colorado State Shooting Association
CRKBA - Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep & Bear Arms
Champaign County Grassroots
Colorado State Shooting Association
Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP)
Citizens Connitee Right to Bear Arms
Dallas Arms Collectors Association
Delaware Trapshooting Asso
Denver State Rifle Association
Detroit Gun Club
Deep Run Rifle and Revolver Club
Dallas Arms Collectors Association, Inc.
Delmarva Sporting Clays Home Page
Democrats for the Second Amendment
Dominion of Canada Rifle Association
Ducks Unlimited
Durham Rod & Gun Club
East Grand Forks Rod & Gun Club
El Paso Skeet & Trap Club
Firearms Coalition
Fort Wayne Area Practical Shooters
Florida Sportsmen's Conservation Association
Florida Sporting Clays Association
Fort Bliss Rod & Gun Club
Fort Valley Gun Club
Firearms Engravers Guild of America
Fifty Caliber Shooter's Association, Inc.
Firefighters for the Right to Keep & Bear Arms
Indiana State Rifle and Pistol Association
Fast Draw
Firearms Coalition / The Firearms Hard Corps Home Page
Firearms Owners Against Crime
Virginia citizens Defense League
Florida Sport Shooting Association
Georgia Sports Shooting Association
Grass Roots South Carolina
Gun Owner's Action League
Gun Owner's of America
German Gun Collector Association
Green Valley Rifle and Pistol Club
Garden City Trap Club
Georgia Tech Marksmanship Club
Gun Owners of America
Guardian Angel's Gun Site
Gun Owners Foundation
Gun Owners of America
Gun Owners Alliance
Guns of the Golden west Association
Isle of Wight Gun Club
Iowa Sportsmens Federation, Inc.
Iowa Black Powder Federation
International Shooting Association
International Practical Shooting Confederation (IPSC)
IPSA Canada
IPSC Ontario
IPSC Germany, Action Shooting
IGW - Interessengemeinschaft Wiederladen
International Brotherhood of Single Action Revolver Shooters
International Defensive Pistol Association (IDPA)
International Handgun Metallic Silhouette Association (IHMSA)
International Shooting Union
 Jews for the Preservation of Firearms
James Russell Trapshooting
Justice for Shooters United Kingdom
Jeff Chan's RKBA.ORG - Arms Rights and Liberty Information on the Internet
Independent Institute
Iowa State Rifle Association
Jackson Purchase Rifle & Pistol Club
Kansas State Rifle Association
Kentucky Coalition for Consealed Carry
Kit Carson Mountain Men
KCR Machine Gun Rentals
Law Enforcement Alliance
Las Vegas Gun Club
Lawyers for the Second Ammendment
Law Enforcement for the Preservation of the Second Amendment (LEPSA)
Los Angeles Silhouette Club
Los Angeles Rifle and Revolver Club
Long Island Antique Gun Collectors Association
LeRoy Rifle and Pistol Club
Monumental Rifle & Pistol Club
Missouri Sport Shooting Association
Minnesota Silhouette Assn.
Manitoba Trapshooting Association
Marysville Rifle Club
Madison Society
Middletown Sportsmens Club
Miramar Trap & Skeet Club
Mile-High Showdown (1996 Colorado State Championship)
Missoula Trap & Skeet Club
Missouri Sporting Clays
MU Shooting Team HomePag
Maryland State Rifle & Pistol Association
Michigan Gun Owners
Missouri Sport Shooting Association
Interactive Gunsite of Firearm Safety
National Firearms Association
Neal Knox's "Firearms Hard Corps"
North-South Skirmish Association Inc.
National Guard Association of Marksmen
North Eastern Arms Collectors Association
North Central Florida Sportsmen Association (NCFSA)
North American Hunting Club Online
National Firearms Association
New York State Amatuer Trapshooting Asso.
NW Washington USPSA
NRA Members Council of Silicon Valley
National Association of Shooting Sports Atheletes (NASSA)
National Concealed Carry Inc.
National Congress of Old West Shootists (NCOWS)
National Firearms Association (Canada)
National Muzzle Loading Rifle Association
National Reloading Manufacturers Association
National Rifle Association of Great Britain
National Shooting Sports Association (NSSF)
National Shooting Sports Foundation: Where to Shoot
National Skeet Shooting Association
National Sporting Clays Association
National Training Center (NTC) Shooting Club Juniors
Navy Shooting Page
North American Gamebird Association
National Shooting Sports Foundation
North Carolina Trapshooting Asso.
New Mexico Trapshooting Asso.
New Mexico Gun Collectors Association
New Mexico Shooting Sports Association
North Carolina Rifle & Pistol Association
New York State Rifle +Pistol Assoc
Oak Hill Gun Club
Oak Tree Gun Club
Oak Tree Gun Club Firefighters Page
Oasis Gun Club
Oregon State rifle Association
Orion Gun Club
Old South Hunting Retriever Club
Olympic Trap
Ohio Trapshooting Asso.
Oakhill Gun Club
Palm Springs Gun Club
Paul Revere Network
Piedmont NRA Instructors
Plattsburgh Rod & Gun Club
Pennsylvania Trapshooting Association
Palma | USA Palma Rifle Team
Pikes Peak Firearms Coalition
Pope & Young Club
Piasa Rifle and Pistol Club
Peaceable Texans for Firearms Rights
Quail Unlimited
Right to Keep and Bear Arms (Rec Guns)
Rogaland VÂpenhistoriske Forening
Region 5 of IHMSA,(International Handgun Metallic Silhouette Association)
Recreational Shooters of Virginia Tech
Raytheon Employee's Gun Club - Greenville, TX
Raytheon Employee's Gun Club
Randy's IPSC / USPSA page
Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation
Rocky Mountain Gun Owners
Rathdrum Rifle & Pistol Club - Ireland
South Carolina Concealed arry Association
Second Amendment Coalition of Missouri
Sand Creek Raiders Home Page
Single Action Shooting Society (SASS)
Scandinavian Western Shooters (CAS)
ShooterNet - International Shooting Association
Sportsmen's Wildlife Defense Fund
Sacramento Trapshooting Club
Saginaw Field & Stream
Sippicon Rod & Gun Club
Salt Lake City Gun Club
Social Shooting Club, Inc.
Skeet Shooters Home Page
Sharon Gun Club
Seattle IPSC Page, The
Sportsmans' Association of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Sporting Shooters Association of Australia
South Dakota State Trapshooting Asso.
South Africa Shooting Site
Saskatchewan Provincial Rifle Association (SPRA)
SSC (So'o Shooting Club)
Second Ammendment Home Page
Safety for Women and Responsible Motherhood
Texas State Rifle Association
Tennessee Firearms Association
Tucson Rod & Gun Club
Thompson/Center Association
United Americans
Utah State Trapshooting Asso.
US Practical Association
United Sportsmen's Council of Colorado
United States International Muzzle Loading Team
USA Shooting -- The National Governing Body for the Olympic Sport of Shooting
US International Clay Target Association
Virginia Citizens Defense League
Virginia Trapshooting Association
Virginia State Rifle Team
Varmint Hunters Association
Virginia State Rifle Team
Virginia Police Revolver Association
Western Missouri Shooters Alliance
Women Against Gun Control
Wisconsin USPSA section
Western Missouri Shooters Alliance
Weatherby Collectors Association
Wyoming State Trapshooting Association
Washington Arms Collectors, Inc.
World Fast Draw Association
Women Against Gun Control
Women's Firearm Network
Women's Shooting Sports Foundation


Airgun Express
Airgun Connection


Conserinative Sensensis News
Spud Gun Info
Gun Control and Econimic
Arms Righs and Liberty Info
Gun Shows
SKS Article
NFA And other gun related info
Let Fredom Ring
Second Ammendment law Library
Ethical Spectacle
AK Article
CCW Report
Internet Roundtable
You Have the Right
Mosin Nagant Page
Grand Home Page
 Bogus CCW Study
Federalist Paperst
Declaration of Independence


Attorney Stephen Halbrook's Homepage

Militia home pages
 Alabama  Hawaii  Massachusetts  New Mexico  South Dakota
 Alaska Idaho  Michigan  New York  Tennessee
 Arizona  Illinois  Minnesota  North Carolina  Texas
Arkansas  Indiana  Mississippi  North Dakota  Utah
 California  Iowa  Missouri  Ohio  Vermont
 Colorado  Kansas  Montana  Oklahoma  Virginia
 Connecticut  Kentucky  Nebraska  Oregon  Washington
 Delaware  Louisiana  Nevada  Pennsylvania  West Virginia
 Florida  Maine  New Hampshire  Rhode Island  Wisconsin
 Georgia  Maryland  New Jersey  South Carolina  Wyoming
For background on the modern militia movement, see the  Texas Militia Papers.

7th Missouri Militia
12 reasons to get us out of the United Nations
13th Texas Infantry Regiment
14th division Kentucky State Militia
42nd/58th/59th Brigades Missouri Militia
100+ sites with patriotic information
508th Regiment (Airborne) Militia
50 BMG List
357 H & H Magnum Page
AA Lock & Gun
Accurate Plating& Weaponry
Action Shooting Source
Advanced Precision Products
Advanced Tactical Group
Adversaries of the Militia

Apacheria Traders-Antiques

Active Body Holster Co
American Historical Foundation
ALRT Arms and Ammunition
American Firearms Industry
 American Patriot Network
American Historical Foundation
Ammo Bank
Antique & Collectible Firearms & Militia Headquarters
A Cancer Cure New World Order edge cutting Christian Ministry
A Dozen Good Reasons to Get US Out! (of the United Nations)
A Virtual Guided Tour of Far-Right Anti-Globalist Ideology
Actual photograph - Mark of the Beast
Aen News BBS
Alabama Constitutional Militia
America Is Under Siege!
American Patriot Network
Another Wacko Conspiracy Nut
American Freedom Coalition
 American Concentration Camps
Anti Shyster
American Renaissance
Arm the People
Art Bell Web Page
BATF Abuses Home Page
BATF Assault on The Citizens
Beaver County Militia
 Beyond the Bombing
Big Bear Gun Works
Black Hills Leather
Bloeguns Northwest
Bluegrass Armory
Beyond the bombing
Big sky patriot
Black Helicopters and the UN
Boston Tea Party - Next Generation
Brad's link page
Branch Davidian Revelations According To Prophecy
Brothers for Mercy
Bigham Larry  Freedom Page
Brave new World of Ideas
CIA Drug Smuggling
Caged Patriots
Calibers-Handgun Ammunition Information Resource
Canadian Firearms Home Page
Cartridge Manager Press
Competitive Shooting & Ballistics
CryoTherm Technologies
California Militia
Central Michigan Regional Militia. 15th Brigade: Kent county
Central Ohio Unorganized Militia
Child abuse at Waco
Citizen Beware
Citizen´s forum
Civil War Two
Comrades in arms
Concentration camps in America?
 Confederate States Militia
Constitutional Hazard Warning
Cutting Edge
California Militia
California NRA Members council
Constitution Society Home Page
Central Michigan
 Cutting Edge
Danville Emergency Militia
Delaware Constitutional Militia
Discount Firearms & Police Supply
 Discount Hunting Supplies
Dixie Gun works Inc
Downsize government
Dr. Tavel's Self-Help Legal Clinic and Sovereign Library
Duke of URL
Defending America
Defrauding America
Commmittee to Restore the Constitution
Deep Times News Magazine
EFF and other info
E Pluribus Unum - Ohio Unorganized Militia
End Time Deception
Eric's Patriot Page
Evidence: What really brought down TWA 800?
Extrimism links
Essays on gun and self defense
Email Democracy - Media
FBI at Waco
FBI Botches OK City Bombing Evidence
Freedom 4 Texas
Freedom (from the IRS): Learn What The IRS Does NOT Want YOU To Know!
Frugal Squirrel's Militia Information Page
Federalist Papers
Fredom Pages
Front Sight Firearms Training Institute
Firearms in Russia
Freemen info
 Freedom Law
Frugal's Store
Freeman's Manifesto
Gun controll hall of fame
Georgia Constitutional Militia
Gospel Plow
Ground Zero Gazette
Ground Zero Invasion
Gil's Machine Guns
Guncraft Sports Inc
Guns, Guns, and More Guns = Happiness
Guns Homepage
Gun Hoo: Gun Pages Central Auction
Guns Unlimited-Com - Virtual Gunshow
Guns saves lives
Great Texas Bank Job
Grapevine Publications
History of the Militia in America
 Militia history and law
History of the New World Odor
How to prevent more Wacos
 How to prevent more Wacos
Hudson Highlands Free Militia
Hunting Field - BBS
Hometown USA
Hollywood Celebrity shoot
Independence Web Page
Illinois Constitutional Militia
In memoriam - Waco, TX
Indiana Citizens Volunteer Militia
Information on militas
Intelligence Service
Iowa Unorganized Militia
Is It Time to Fight?
Jim's Militia Page
John Birch Society
J.M Davis Arms & Historical Museum Oklahoma
John Monroe Davis Gun Museum
Jeff Davis Show
Join us in mourning the death of America
Jubilee Newspaper
Justice for Waco and Oklahoma City
Klang Carl
Klanwatch & Militia Task Force
Lawyer's Second Ammendment Society
Libertarian Party
Lessons Of The Past
L&G Weaponry-AR 15's
Lightning Rod Network
Louisiana Unorganized Militia
Minitman Press
Maine Constitutional Militia
Marietta Pennsylvania Militia
Massachusetts Constitutional Militia
Massacre at Ruby Ridge
Massacre of the Branch Davidians
M-1911 Pistol Home Page
McMillan Fiberglass Stocks
Mel's Sniper Page
Mike Stegen Books - Guns - Military
Michigan Militia Corps "Wolverines" Isabella County 10th Brigade
Michigan Militia of Wayne County
Militia fever
Militia in America
Militia links
Militia Movement: Enemy or Pawn of the State
Militia Nation
Militia of Montana
Militia of Montana page
Militia of North Dakota
Militia / Patriot Groups
Militia Report
Militia Today
Milita watchdog
Minnesota Minuteman Militia
Minnesota Minuteman Militia, 3rd brigade
Minnesota Minuteman Militia, 5th brigade
Minnesota Minuteman Militia, Region 4
Minuteman Press OnLine
Misc.activism.milita (Usenet)
Mississippi Constitutional Militia
Missy's Favorite Militia Links
Missouri 51st Militia
Missouri Libertarian Party
Mena and Clinton's Crimes
Michael Rivero's
Mosin Man's Military Surplus Firearm Site
Mosin Mans Military Surplus Firearms
New American
New Hampshire Constitutional Militia
New Jersey Militia
New Mexico cititizens' regulated militia
New Mexico Militia
New Totalitarians
New World Odor
New World Odor links
New World Order
New World Order Elite Conspiracy
New World Order
New World Order Intelligence update
New World Order page
New World Order - The end of history?
No more Wacos
North Carolina Citizen Militia
North Mississippi Militia
NFAT Toys Web Pages
Nico Pryotechnik
North Carolina Shooting & Firearms
Northwest Security Products
Northern Virginia Citizens Defense League
No Cpmpromises
Occupied America
Ohio Minuteman
Ohio Unorganized Militia Assistance and Advisory Committee
OKC Bombing and America's Future
OK City - The Ryder Truck On The Army Base
Oklahoma Bomb Conspiracy Page
Oklahoma City Bombing
Oklahoma City Bombing
One World Order
Operation Urban Warrior - Invasion of America
Our National Parks Now Belong to United Nations
One Shot one Kill
Outpost of Freedom
Police against the New World Order
Pro Liberty Network
Project to restore the Republic
Patriot Coalition
Paladin Press
Pack 44 Militia
Pantarha's Patriot Page
Patrick Henry On-Line
Patriot Caucus
Patriot Guidebook to a Better America
Patriot & Militia sites
Patriot News
Patriot Report
Patriot Resource Center
 Patriot Groups in the us in 2000
Patriots against the New World Order totalitarianism
Patriots Alliance
Patriot News
Patriot's Soapbox
Police against the New World Order
Pomona Valley Militia
Prisoner of war camps in the United States
Proclaim Liberty Throughout the Land
Proof of a conspiracy
Patric Henry Online
Restoring America
Real Deal
Rebellion's bunker
Restoring America
Rise of the Militia Movement
Rongstad's No-Nonsense Militia Related Links
Rec Guns
Ruby Ridge Prosecutions
Ruby Ridge

State Guard Assoc
Safeguarding liberty
Second American Revolutionary Army
Secret base is discovered
Sons of liberty militia
South Dakota Unorganized Militia
South East Texas Defense Force
Southeastern Ohio Defense Force
Southeastern States Alliance Militia Headquarters
Southern Ranger
Southern Sons of Liberty
Sovereign WWW
Sovereign's W3 Campaign Page
Sovereign Citizenship
Sovereignright's Home Page
State Medical Command: California State Militia
Self Defense Firearms Training
Service Publications - Militiaria & Firearms
Shooters Com
Shooter's Solutions - Cleaning-Lubricating
SLS Enterprises
Service Publications
Sniper Hide
Skeleton's Closet
Southeastern States Alliance Militia Headquarters
Southern Independence
Tim's Anti-Rosi Site
Traitor Within the Gates
Texas Constitutional Militia
Texas Guardians
Texas Shock Front Elite
This Land Is Our Land . . . Not U.N. Land
Tragedy at Ruby Ridge
Traitor Within the Gates
Truth Magazine
Transcript of Waco 911 tapes
True Vast Right Wing Conspiracy
The Gun Page
UN - Global army
Ultimate Weapons System
UN Rights Just Like Soviet Rights
United Nations and the New World Order
United Nations informations
United Nations is no friend of freedom
United Nations Vehicles On U.S. Soil!
United States Theatre Command
Unorganized Militia
 Unorganized Militia Network
US Concentraion Camps
U.S.A. Patriotic/Militia/Anti-NWO Links
U.S. DOE - Human Radiation Experiments
USA The republic - how we lost it and how we can get it back
Varmint Al's Gun rights page
Viking Phoenix Home Page
Viper Militia
Virginia Citizen's Militia
West El Paso Information Network
War Room
Waco FOIA suit
Waco Holocaust Electronic Museum
Waco Pictoral Essay
Waco Recap
Waco Reference Page
Waco Search Warrant
Waco, TX and Oklahoma City, OK
Wake-up Call America
Washington County (Maine) Constitutional Militia
What is the Militia?
Waco Massacre

What To Do If The Police Come To Confiscate Your Militia Weapons
Who's Behind the New World Odor
World War III Plans Exposed
Waco: the Rules of Engagementl
Wolf's Lodge- Clair Wolf
Your local militia

Homeland Safes
   Quality Gun safes and vault doors to secure and protect handguns,rifles,shotguns and other automatic weapons by Homeland safes the # 1 gun safe manufacturer,online sales or visit our showroom in Pico Rivera CA.
Safety First - Popular self defense products, items preferred by men, women, seniors, and family use like spy products, stun guns, pepper sprays
Calumet Industries Inc. - Landing Mats, PSP mats, Ammo Cans - Calumet Industries is a your source for landing mats and government surplus.
US Patriot Store
Armed Forces Merchandise outlet
CW and CW Protection
Frugal Squirrel's Home Page
Penrith Survival Equipment
Pure water systems
Prepardness Journal
Myles Recreational Accessories
Spy Tech Agency
Survival Books
Survival Books
Survival Equipment-Pacific Northwest
Survival Equipment
Survival Equipment - Heat Packs
Survival Equipment - Ocean River
Uncle Sam's buying Club
Y2K Site
Hoods Woods
Sure Can !! Survival Systems
Survival  Foods
Xtreme Needs
DoubleOught's Survival Station
Y2K Survival Food
Hallelujah West - Survival Kit
Survival Information
Sonlight Candle Company
Tough Times Survival Strategies
North American Survival
Art's Emergency Food Storage Supply
Blue Wolf's Survival Pages
Blast Shelter
Rocky Mountain Survival Group
Survival Supply
Survivalist Home Page
U.S. Cavalry's Online Catalog
Survival Foods
Coleman's Surplus
CJ's Sales & Service
MFC Survival
Day After Survival Products
Life Kit Inc. Disaster Preparedness
Tropical Diesel Electric Corp
FM Emergency Generator
Caterpillar Generator
Americn Generator Company
Solar Depot
Solar Electrical Kit's
DynaGen-Engin controllers
Offshore Strategies
Transfer switch info
Independent Power Systems
Alaska Diesel Electric Online
Diesel America
Newage International
Tacoma Diesel & Equipment
G & W Diesel Services
Diesel Power Equipment Co
Diesel & Gas turbine engine publicaions
Fuel Technologies
Diesel Decomtamination Units
China Diesel


 Map Metrics

 Cowboy action shooting
 A Guide to Period Firearms and their use
 Art of the Fast Draw
 Another Us Gunfighters Photo Page
 Atlantic Guns
 Best in the West
 Bob Mernickle's custom holsters
 Billy the Kid Country
 Billy the Kid Quiz
 Bullwhip FAQ
 Cigar City Shooters
 Cowboy Emporium
 Cowboy Times Magizine
 Dalton/Johnson outlaw gang
 Equipment and Events of fast draw
 East Coast Cowboy Action Clubs
 Fast Draw Club-Sebastopol CA
 Gunfighter Zone
 Gun Games Magazine
 Guns of the Golden West Association
 I.B.S.A.R.S.- Shooting Club
 Jess Roy's Old West Leather Co
 Old West Leather Co
 Shootin Iron
 Single Action Shooting Society
 Smith Enterprise
 United states Firearms Co.
 Wolf Works leather Products

 Anti gun links
Coalition To Stop Gun Violence End Handgun Violence Gun Free
 Violence Policy Center

Law Enforcement
Cop Shop GT Distributor Michigan Quality body armor
Silver Bullet Law Enforcement Streichers Police supply Terra Aerospace


CERTIFIED INSTRUCTOR NRA, NRA Law Enforcemet/Security. CCW certification, Security Certification (Rev/Auto), FLEXIABLE Scheduling.

A.L.I.V.E. ALIVE takes the Tactics of Threat Identification/Recognition and incorporates the skills needed to survive life threatening encounters. In a program previously only available to Law Enforcement. Law abiding citizens now have the opportunity Adams, PI & Security Services Advanced professional shooters are available to assist new shooters in developing safety procedures, weapons selection for personal, home, & office. Instant referrals to local advanced trainers. Contact Gerry Adams at 1317 Smith Tower, Seattle, WA 98104-2311. Phone: (206) 622-3060 or fax: (206) 622-8291., E-Mail: gerry@adams-pi.com Advanced Tactical Technologies Premier weapons training and development services Bulwark Safety Products New and used firearms and NRA Safety & Training Courses! Combative Concepts Inc. Founded by former Navy SEAL's, Combative Concepts Inc. is a training company that believes in quality, innovative and rigorous training methods to achieve the highest possible results when you need results. Defense Training International, Inc. Defense Training International wants to make sure that their students fully understand the physical, legal, psychological, and societal consequences of their actions or inactions. Defensive Combat Academy Affordable, street-relevant, court-defensible training in handgun, shotgun and rifle by state-licensed, law-enforcement-certified instructors in southern California, on weekends. Factor Defense Services, Inc Based near Seattle, Wa. we provide innovative and contemporary self defense and tactics training to military, law enforcement, and civilians. Come train with us or let us bring the training to you. Firearms Instruction/Instructor - MD/PA Professional firearms use/safety instruction at competitive rates throughout the Harrisburg, PA to Baltimore, MD corridor. NRA certified. MD State Police certified.
Firearms Tactical Institute Publisher of FirearmsTactical, an electronic magazine specializing in the tactical employment of firearms against deadly criminal threats.
Firearms Training Associates, Inc. Finest training available in North Carolina for Concealed Carry and self defense. All instructors are Law Enforcement Officers with over 20 years experience. Contact: FTA, Inc, P.O. Box 1904,Garner, NC 27529. Phone: (800) 673-7272., E-Mail: gkirk@ntrnet.net Firearms Training Site We intend The Firearms Training Site to be the prime net launching point for sharing information on gun safety,combat pistol marksmanship, and self defense with firearms,including the best handgun ammo to use, concealed carry and equipment. Florida Firearms Training Personalized Firearms training at your office! CCW, tactics and more. Visit us! Front Sight Firearms Training Institute gun handling, marksmanship and tactical training courses in the use of handgun, shotgun and rifle. Serving the needs of the first time gun buyer to the combat master. Front Sight Firearms Training Institute World class firearms training from real world instructors, that will give you skills that far surpass 95% of those who carry a gun for a living. Gabe Suarez Tactical Training Learn the best techniques and tactics for winning a confrontation from "active" real world operators. Courses available for all levels of skill, and for all weapons. Gold Shield Training Center The Gold Shield Training Center Located In Mount Vernon NY Offers all types of training from NYS 8 Hour Pre-Assignment and 16 Hour On the Job Training to NRA, Mace, Asp,Handcuffing Peace Officer And 47 Hour Armed Guard Training. Mount Vernon NY 914-667-7449
Gun Permits A professional, personalized service for those interested in Home/Business Protection, Concealed Carry, Target Shooting/Hunting or Armed Guard Employment. Serving clients in the New York area only.
Guns R Us Guns R Us is a Small Arms Training Center offering the Concealed Handgun Course in Texas. Please visit our site for more information or call us at (281) 441-4039. Integon Paintball Supplies Are you looking for some excitement? Are you seriously looking for som excitement? Try paintball! What is paintball? Well, paintball is a sport which consists of two teams. Each team is equipped with paint guns which shoot paintballs. The paintballs explode on contact. As a result, the team with the least amount of players shot wins. Laser Ace Training Systems Home of the world's most advanced and economical marksmanship training system. The Laser Ace is the only dual-use burst training and service laser sight. Les Greevy, Shotgun Instructor Professional and discreet shotgun instruction for adults, youth, women. Certified NRA and NSCA. MO Hunter Education Instructor's Association A non-profit association of state-certified volunteer instructors dedicated to a safe, respectable future for sport hunting in Missouri. Malins Defense Systems We are a martial arts, tactical firearm, and concealed weapon license certification company based in Phoenix, Arizona. Marksman's Enterprise Mobile shooting school offering professional, practical training in the use of the handgun, carbine, rifle and shotgun the private civilian, security officer or law enforcement individual. Mike Raahauge Shooting Enterprises A one day hunter's safety course for all Southern California shooters. Makes it that much easier! Operon Security "The Law of Self-Defense" OpSec publishes "The Law of Self-Defense: A Guide for the Armed Citizen," a 238-page book about the laws of self-defense and their application in court. Personal Defense Institute Inc. Defensive firearms training for civilians. Basic Handgun, Concealed Carry Techinques, Advanced Handgun and Shotgun classes. Professional Shooting Instruction Specialized training for the beginning shooter. NRA certified. Skeet, trap, and pistol disciplines. Come to shoot in the Virginia Beach area! Guns provided. Contact: Bob Kuczynski (757) 366-9988, fax 336-8899., E-Mail: bobski@infi.net R&S Protection Services Firearms instruction for Alaska CCW,private inst.,state approved fingerprinter,security products. Rogers Shooting School Tactical Handgun training. Using reactive steel plate targets, students learn to engage multiple targets in reaction time. Proper target identification, sight alignment and trigger control are used to develop skills needed to engage as many as 21 targets in 14 seconds. RBI Investigation Firearms trainig, concealed training info and courses. Safe LLC At Security Awareness & Firearms Education (SAFE)we combine education (knowledge) with training (programmed response) to develop greater ability and confidence in the use of firearms as well as other defensive tools and techniques. Self-Defense Firearms Training Develop your skills with handguns, rifles, and shotguns, from the basics to the advance. Classes emphasize civilian self-defense situations. Shooter's World Only here will you find such world-class firearms training for every level of marksmanship, and the entire family. Centrally located in Phoenix, Arizona. Spacious, comfortable classrooms. Fully air-conditioned indoor range. 24 shooting positions NRA and DPS certified staff. Friendly and knowledgeable. Lowest prices on ammunition. , E-Mail:
Specialists in the use and training of lethal force No theories here. Master Instuctors are required to have "done it." In depth support on legal issues. All students learn to shoot in the dark.
Stress Shot, Inc. Live Fire weapons training and equipment for Military and Law Enforcement. Survival Systems, Ltd. Survival Systems, Litd. provides professional firearms training, self-defense training, armed and unarmed to civilians and security officers. Tactical Firearms Training Team Tactical Firearms Training Team is a private training group dedicated to advanced weapons and tactics skills, that has trained a multitude of military and law enforcement personnel, both foreign and domestic. Tactical Handgun Training Tactical Handgun Training, Inc. was formed in a cooperative effort with civilian and law enforcement personnel to better educate responsible, law-abiding citizens in the safe and proper use of handguns for self-protection.

Gun Leather

Adapt-a-Target - Universal sight in target.Pressure sensitive stick-on elements in acending sizes so the shooter may customize there target.Flourescent red/orange graphics w/ repair dots. Portable and Reuseable w/stands or w/out.
Balla Balla Safaris - Southern Africa Plains game in South Africa and cape buffalo in Zambia, we offer excellent opportunties at our exclusive private ranches.

Deer and other wild game processing in the Abilene,Texas area. The page contains many hunting links. Hawks Sporting Outfitters Hawks Sporting Outfitters offers a variety of guns & safes, hunting apparel, archery gear and other sporting goods. Hunt&Fish.net "An Outdoor Community Generator" An A to Z listing of outdoor recreational sites. Stop by and submit yours today! Hunter's Hide-A-Way Retail sale and mail order of hunting equipment and supplies. Hunting Cases, and Hunting/Fishing BagsWE are suppliers of various types of Gun Cases, Hunting and Fishing Bags. Mainly on wholesale basis.Some of our items are on retail as well. Hunting Products.Com Manufacturer's Web Sites of World Class Hunting Products. Hunting and Sports Guns Industry and Tradng Co.Inc.The Famous and High Quality Hunting and Sports guns in Turkiye. The annual capacity of shotguns (semi-automatic/over and unders/pump guns) and pistols is one of the highest among the world-wide well-known companies. Main targets being the army - police - civil public, the success in the military/law enforcement sector can not be denied. Having a wide perspective and a global industry approach , Sarslmaz has partnerships/joint ventures with high-tech and well-known European companies and also owns one of the most famous one. Idaho Hunter Education Association Instilling Respect, Responsibility, and Safety for the future of hunting. Mahoney's We carry all your hunting, archery, camping, and outdoor clothing needs. Johnson City, Tennessee. Mike Raahauge Shooting Enterprises Pheasant Hunting at it's finest! No bag limit, day hunts, and hunts for business and pleasure needs., E-Mail:boris@qualityservice.com Mike's Hunting and Fishing-Alaska Serving Alaskans and Alaska visitors since 1992. Most firearms and sporting goods at 5% over cost plus shipping. Missouri Uplands Chapter - NAVHDA Missouri Uplands Chapter of the North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association (NAVHDA). Chapter contacts, event calendar, newsletters. Northwest Hunter - Hunting New breed of outdoor hunting enthusiasts has been captured in this series. Conduit to the complete world of the true sportsman. Online product and info. Sport of Kings, The Quality hunting outfitters offering the serious enthusiast a wide range of new and second hand rifles, shotguns, and hand guns at realistic prices, if we haven't go it we can get it for you. The Gun Rack We Are Your Full Line Hunting, Firearms, Archery, and Fresh Water Fishing Dealer. We Specialize In Custom Building Rifles For All Of Your Hunting Needs. Trophy Hunting in Africa! Fourteen day fully guided one on one FIVE SPECIE TROPHY HUNT IN AFRICA !!! The Rand US$ exchange rate is now at an all time low!! Come to AFRICA now and make your dreams come true. Contact Willie Kotze at huntafrica@yahoo.com now for details. HURRY offer is limited !! Varminter.comThis site is about Varmint hunting and all its aspects, including shooting, reloading, pictures, varmint info, giveaways and a talk group. Join us!!


Ammo Depot
Adapt-a-Target - Universal sight in target.Pressure sensitive stick-on elements in acending sizes so the shooter may customize there target.Flourescent red/orange graphics w/ repair dots. Portable and Reuseable w/stands or w/out.
.22 LR Tracer Ammo Outland Sales & Service, Inc. - Manufacturer of .22 LR Tracer and carry a full line of .22 rimfire ammunition from around the world.

2nd Amendment Specializing in ammunition; new, obsolete, custom. Products and services; reloading supplies and equipment, gunsmithing, and new and used firearms. 40mm Ammo Class II Manufacturer in Ohio Producing Mil Spec M203 & M79 stripped receivers. Also producing 40mm Flechette, Buckshot and XM1822's. Call Randy at (216) 322-1051 for details or visit http://40mm.simplenet.com for pricing and details. ALEX Auxiliary Cartridges & Caps ALEX auxiliary cartridges are fabricated to close tolerances from durable, mild steel, and are guaranteed against defects in material or workmanship. Action Bullets Hard cast bullets. 1811 W. 13th Ave., Denver, CO 80204, Phone (303) 595-9636, Fax (303) 595-4413.
Ammo Bank, The Ammunition and shooting accessories. Ammo Catalog Available on request.
Ammunition & Reloading Reloading components, reloading equipment, white mountain premium hard cast bullets, ammunition, remanufactured and new cowboy calibers, wildcat, and obsolete ammo, special orders. BSS Winchester Ammunition at rock-bottom prices! Order by phone, fax, or on-line. Barnes Bullets, Inc. Barnes' original bullet remains legendary for its performance on dangerous game. Riflemen woldwide continue to depend on its famed reliability for hunting everything from North American deer and elk to Africa's largest beasts. Bell Brass - MFG by Mast Techonolgy 1. Manufacturer and sales of custom and Obsolete brass, formerly know as Brass Extrusion Labs Ltd. 2. Sales of new and used production type ammunition mfg machinery; case, bullet(lead and jacketed), loading of new cases.
Black Powder Specialties Specializing in Black Powder Cartridge reloading supplies, molds, dies, wads, etc.; custom hand made muzzleloading firearms; manufacturer of the "California Sight" traditional looking open iron sights adjustable for windage and elevation for precision shooting.
Bowman Bullet Co. The web's newest and finest source for premium cast lead bullets for reloaders and competition shooters. Bruce Gray's Custom Case Forming Full service FFL dealer. Custom case forming of antique and wildcat calibers is our specialty. Cascade Ammuntion We carry Winchester, Federal, Military and Reloaded ammunition. Claflin Cartridge Welcome to Claflin Cartridge, Inc. We sell quality New and Military Surplus ammunition at prices that will SAVE YOU MONEY !! Come on in, shop awhile and see for yourself. We're certain you'll find something you like. Colorado Bonded Bullets For the finest custom bullets, premium hunting bullets, in 6.5mm bullets, 7mm bullets 308 bullets, 357/358 bullets, 375 bullets, 44 bullets. Contact Colorado Bonded Bullets. Corbin Mfg: Everything for Bullet Swaging! Extensive on-line training in the art of making jacketed or lead bullets; custom bullet makers, tools and supplies, hydraulic and manual presses, cannelure machines, swage dies, books and software for bullet making. D & J Bullet Company We offer the finest bullets and accessories on the market. Jacketed, hyper-jacketed, match grade cast, and Todd Jarrett Signature series bullets and shooting bags. Dillon Precision Products Makers of the World's Finest Reloading Equipment. Manufacture and distribute reloading equipment and shooting supplies. Easy Loader Magazine easy loading system, E-Mail: info@easyloader.com Eley Limited Established in 1828 by William and Charles Eley, the company has a long and proud tradition in the manufacture of high quality ammunition. Specializing in .22 rimfire products, which are sold in more than 130 countries, Eley is widely regard. Franwin Manufacturing Manufacturers of gn cartridges and developers of the patented recoil reducing mechanism for cartridges. Georgia Arms All Georgia Arms ammunition is loaded using the finest American made components on the most precise equipment available. Gray Area Ammo--custom handgun ammunition Custom handgun ammunition specializing in target, hunting and defense uses. All common calibers. Extreme quality control yet reasonably priced. Federally licensed manufacturer. Haas' Guide to Small Arms Ammunition (AmmoGuide) Interactive graphical database of over 100 cartridges, histories and technical data. Both an online (Java-capable browser required) and standalone version is available. This is FREE software. Hawk's View Inc. We build hunting and target ammunition that is tuned to your gun Hodgdon Powder Company Our mission is to provide quality propellants, other products, and services to sportsmen, governing units, and other businesses in a manner which enhances the quality of life for our stockholders, employees, customers, associates, and suppliers. Huntington Distributors of standard and hard-to-find reloading products since 1945. Huntington's Reloading Supplies, Catalog available. PO Box 991, 601 Oro Dam Blvd. Oroville, CA 95966, Phone: (916) 534-1210, Fax (916) 534-1212. Lapua: superior ammunition and components Manufactured in Finland to the most stringent standards in the industry, Lapua brass and bullets provide the critical difference in consistency that the dedicated handloader will appreciate. Legend Bullets Legend is proud to offer to you the highest quality hard cast bullet on the market today. Our bullets are cast using a specification alloy of 7 1/2 percent Antimony and 2 percent Tin. Nothing is added, assuring you of consistent weight and hardness. Bullet hardness runs 19-22 on the Brinell Scale, 10 Saeco. We use Thompson Bullet Lube, in our opinion, the best on the market. With this lube, velocity in the 1300 range is possible without leading. Your bullets will arrive with the lube in the groove, not in the bottom of the box. Littleton's Shotmaker Leadshot for reloading or to sell. Making shot is easier than reloading. Magma Engineering Magma Engineering Company is the world's largest manufacturer of automatic bullet casting equipment and accessories. Mast Technology - mfg of Bell Brass Mfg of custom and obsolete Brass cases for Blackpowder, wildcat's and African Calibers. Additionally, Machines for manufacturing new ammunition and their components Michael the Arch Angel Co. The Omega Star expands like a Black Talon,looks like a Pin Grabber,dispenses shot like magsafe and penetrates like a jacketed hollowpoint. Bullet technology has gone to the next Millenium!!! Mid-Kansas Cast Products Manufacturer of quality hard cast bullets. Mountain Sports Cast Bullets Cast Bullets for the discriminating handgun reloader. These bullets are cast from virgin premix alloy at 19 brinell hardness in Magma machines. 9mm to .45, E-Mail: gtcox@wtp.net Myers Bullets Quality cast lead bullets, made in Oregon from #26 alloy, sizes from .32 to .45. Sold in quantities of 250,500,1000 per box. Call 541-689-8077, fax 541-461-3098,, E-Mail:wjm@efn.org National Bullet Co. Manufacture of cast bullets and ammunition. We have been serving shooters and reloader since 1975. Phone (216) 951-1854. Neil A. Jones - Custom Products We customize our reloading equipment to fit YOUR cartridge. We make: Reloading Dies, Powder Measure, Depriming tools, and much more. Check us out!! Norma Bullets and Reloading Supplies Well known Swedish bullets!!! Norma Bullets and Reloading Supplies! Nosler Bullets for Sportsmen Ever since my dad, John A. Nosler, founded this company nearly fifty years ago, Nosler has been in the business of developing and making the finest bullets possible for hunters and shooters across the country and even around the world. Old West Shooter's Supply Reloading Components and Supplies at Discount Prices. Serving the Shooting Enthusiast Since 1968. Old Western Scrounger, Inc. Source of obsolete and Metric ammunition, brass, bullets, berdan primers and artillery. Outland Sales & Service, Inc. Carry 22 rimfire ammunition from around the world, and Manufacturer of .22 LR Tracer ammunition. We also carry a full line of military gear and first-aid supplies. Precision Cartridge, Inc. The Midwest's Leading Supplier of Remanufactured Ammunition! We specialize in Law Enforcement and Commercial sales! ProCast Shooter's Products Manufacturer of premium hard-cast bullets. Also offer other products such as: Cleaning Supplies and Tactical Items. ProCast Shooter's Products Manufacturers of match quality hard cast bullets & the highest quality, double-sided, cotton-flannel cleaning patches availiable. P.O. Box 548 Wetumpka, Alabama 36092. Voice/fax: 334-514-5323 or 334-281-8376., E-Mail:doug1procast@mindspring.com Professional Shooters Products Inc. Premium Cast Bullet Company whose speciality is Cast Bullets for IPSC,Steel.Pin and Silhouette Shooters!! Proload Ammunition, Inc. The finest quality handgun ammunition in the U.S.A. Pro Load Professional Grade Ammunition is performance engineered to provide you with the best balance of accuracy, velocity, penetration and expansion. R & R Arms Gun Shop - Internet Sales Sales of Firearms, Shooting Accessories, Re-Loading Components, Re-Loading Equipment, Ammunition Randy Shivak "Mr. 40mm" Class II Mfg. in Ohio currently producing 40mm Flechette, Buckshot and MX1822's. Also producing M203 and M79 Mil. Spec. stripped receivers. For details, call Randy at (440) 322-1051 or visit our web site. Ranger Products Manufacturers of bullets, commercial reloader, NRA instruction, and producers of the all new Enviro bullet! Web site has alot of good links. Redback Projectiles Redback Projectiles specialise in hard cast projectiles for the discerning Australian shooter. Rifle Builder Custom reloading dies are our specialty, for both wildcat and obsolete calibers. Your design or ours. The highest quality in the business., E-Mail:Rifle.Builder@usa.net Rifle Builder The best reloading manual I have ever used. Check it out., E-Mail:Rifle.Builder@usa.net Rifle Builder Makers of custom Rifles in wildcat, obsolete, and factory calibers. Maker of the most accurate inline bullet seater available. Home of the "Hawk" line of wildcats! Rocky Mountain Shooters Supply Ponsness/Warren reloaders, shooting supplies and accessories for the Trap, Skeet, and Sporting Clays enthusiast. Sabot Designs LLC Flechette sabots, ammunition, and components for shotguns and larger weapons. Patented designs. Bore safe, long range, and high performance, for military, police, and civilian use. Sauvestre Fin Stabilized Sabot Slug The French made Sauvestre is the world's only sabot slug with true fin-stabilization. No other sabot slug even comes close in terms of effective range and stopping power. Shooter's Companion Load development & Testing workbooks for metallic cartridge & blackpowder. Range/Best Loads record books. Targets also. For new or experienced reloaders. Sierra Bullets For 50 years, Sierra Bullets has been dedicated to the manufacture of the most accurate bullets in the world. This commitment to performance has established a "Tradition of Precision" for which Sierra is known throughout the world. SureShot Bullet Company Hand crafted ammo at a surplus price. Looking for a good price? Come check us out. We take request's. We are also a registered FFL dealer. The Ammo Dump We sell brass cartridge cases, bullets and reloading equipment for obsolete and unusual ammunition, worldwide. The Ammo Dump We sell brass cartridge cases, bullets and reloading equipment for obsolete and unusual ammunition, worldwide. Thompson Bullet Lube Company We manufacture premium hard cast bullet lubricants and a full line of black powder accessories. We offer over 200 products for the discriminating shooter. Aim to be the best - try our products!, E-Mail:thomlube@flash.net Victory Cartridge Company The ultimate shotgun load. Victory cartridges are used worldwide in all clay target disciplines. There is one made just for you! WestCastings Projectiles Premium Grade cast and swaged projectiles for handgun, rifles and shotguns. High-Tech Dry Lubes IPSC and Western Action specialist in Western Australia. Widener's Reloading & Shooting Supply, Inc. Get on target with Widener's Reloading and Shooting Supplies. Wideners Winchester Ammunition No matter what your game - Winchester gives you all the ammunition you'll ever need. Yellow Rose Ordnance Distributor of Aguila Ammunition and Alamo Cast Bullets. 7341 Caribou, San Antonio, Texas 78238. Phone:210-680-0000, Fax: 210-680-8888 Yukon Arms Yukon Arms is a small business dedicated to supplying ammunition and reloading equipment for 'obsolete,' 'antique' and other hard-to-feed firearms. www.gunsinfo.com Firearms Technical reviews and handloading questions & answer database


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Ardmore Gun Repair Johnn's Shotgun Chokes and forcing cones

At Harvey's Gun Repair Complete restorations, custom work, general repairs, metal refinishing(hot blueing and teflon coating), Extra long forcing cone work, shotgun barrel porting. Install Rem. Style Chokes (12 Gauge Only),Custom AR-15 match grade creations. ALL WORK DONE IN HOUSE. rodneyharvey@email.msn.com B&B Gun Refinish & Repair Co. There is no such thing as a "shortcut" when it comes to refinishing a person's weapon. We offer expert gun refinishing and repair. You'll think it came from the factory! Remington authorized repair center., E-Mail: guns@maas.net Barrel Shop, The Specializing in hi-tech slimline muzzle brakes, full machine shop services, most phases of gunsmithing, guns and accessories; best prices, precision work. Below Zero Gunsmithing Quality gunsmithing: guaranteed repairs,accurizing,custom stock finishing,bluing,parkerizing,rust prevention finishes, kdf muzzle brakes bush gun specialist new firearms @ dealer cost + 10 %, E-Mail: sparky1@ptialaska.net Big Bear Gun Works General Gunsmithing Services and a library of exploded firearms drawings Blackfeet Custom Wood Carving We do custom carving of gun stocks, grips, and checkering. We also repair wooden stocks and grips. Blanchard Metal Processing Firearm receiver, bolt, and small parts heat treating. 1115 S. Pioneer Rd., Salt Lake City, UT 84125, Voice: (801) 972-5590, Fax: (801) 972-6346
Brian Powley EngraversProfessional Engraving on Firearms, Knives, Jewelry, Musical Instruments. Manufacturer of Elektrascroll Pattern Transfer System..The most advanced method of transferring scroll patterns to metal!
Burnt Mill Smithing Burnt Mill Smithing is a competition orientated shop. The work of Pistolsmith Dennis L. Schrieber is featured. We specialize in competition pistols based on 1911A1's, .22LR semiauto's,and most revolvers. Bullseye, ISPC, Pin Guns and Cowboy Action revolvers are featured. NYS largest dealer in Dillon reloading equipment.
CW Shooters Supply Inc. Gunsmithing and Machine Work on types of guns. Refinishing and Rebluing, Stock Duplication and Custom Gunsmithing of all types,Teflon Coating/Parkerizing and Engraving. We do all the work in house.
Charlie Prest RPM Charlie Prest, the owner and operator of REVOLVER PISTOL MODIFICATIONS, is a World Class Gunsmith. His many years of experience includes extensive training with three Members of the American Pistolsmith's Guild and AMERICAN HANDGUNNER top 100 Gunsmith Competition Gun Works, Inc. Competition Gun Works has been providing custom gunsmithing service to the firearms related community for the past eight years. Our clientele includes international and local competitive shooters, law enforcement, collectors and the casual Connecticut Precision Chambering L.L.C. Gunsmithing on Ruger 10/22 & 77/22. Barrel setbacks or new barrels made. Tuneups. .17 & .20 cal Swager barrels. Mini-14/30 trigger jobs, recrowns. More..firearms owner. Connecticut Precision Chambering L.L.C. Gunsmithing on Ruger 10/22 & 77/22. Barrel setbacks or new barrels made. Tuneups. .17 & .20 cal Swager barrels. Mini-14/30 trigger jobs, recrowns. More.. Connecticut Precision Chambering L.L.C. Gunsmithing on Ruger 10/22 & 77/22. Barrel setbacks or new barrels made. Tuneups. .17 & .20 cal Swager barrels. Mini-14/30 trigger jobs, recrowns. More.. Crews Custom Gunsmithing Full service general and custom gunsmithing. Specialist in fine custom defensive and competition handguns. Custom Guns by Verne Tester Gunsmithing, custom built handguns and rifles, release triggers, .45 work, revolver action, fire restoration. Expert witness testimony. Custom Scrimshaw & Engraving by Elizabeth Dolbare Scrimshaw and/or engraving done on knives, guns, gun grips, buckles, jewelry, motorcycle parts, etc. D&L Gunsmithing D&L Gunsmithing is staffed by all Remington factory trained gunsmiths with over 120 years of combined factory experience. D&L is a Remington authorized warranty station. Dilliott Gunsmithing, Inc. Repair and restoration of antique and obsolete; making unavailable or obsolete parts. Custom barrels including exotic calibers for Thompson Center. Wood and metal refinishing. Complete machine shop. Phone hours 9-5 M-F. 35-years experience Don Johnson Gunsmithing, Inc. Don served in the US Army from 1966 to 1969 and is a Vietnam Vet. He is factory trained in Sig, Smith & Wesson and Remington. He is an active IPSC and FPOA shooter. He is also an NRA Law Enforcement Armorer, and has over 20 years experience Earl's Gunsmithing Full Service Professional Gunsmith Shop in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Engravers, The Custom Relief Gun Stock Carving. Firearms Service Center Firearms sales and repair, gunsmithing & gun repair manuals. 9607 W. Colfax Ave., Lakewood, CO 80215, (303) 274-0205
Fowler Gun & Machine Shop General & custom gunsmithing. Rebarreling, muzzle brakes and custom rifle a specialty. Author, "ADVANCED REBARRELING of the SPORTING RIFLE."
Franks Repair Shop I have been in the gun repair business since 1963. Over the years I have collected many gun parts. I have decided to sell some of these parts. Send any requests to:, E-Mail:frs4@juno.com Fuselier Firearms and Plating Shop Nickel and Precious metal plating. 1911-A1 accurizing and repair. General Handgun repair. Handguns bought and sold. GUNS Winters'Specialties Index Custom gunsmith, stockmaker for Fox,Parker, LC Smith shotguns, antique firearms restoration, handgun repair, appraisals, Federal and State licensed dealer since 1950. Glockmeister-Quality Glock Service, Parts & Accessories Glockmeister offers quality Glock service, stock and competition parts. There is also a lot of free technical info that no one else has out there. We accept MC/Visa & we have a 24 hour toll free order line - we do rush orders.
Glock Works
The Gold Line-gold platin
Griffin & Howe gunsmithing, custom rifles, new and used sporting firearms - since 1923 Gun-Smith.com Our GunSmith answers questions which are sent in. Gunsmith Gunsmithing, 26 years experience. Complete machine shop. Hot bluing, mil spec parkerizing. Gutridge, Inc. Custom Gunsmithing We do general gunsmithing on all types of firearms. We specialize in Custom 45s, Custom Ruger .22s, and Expert Bluing. Call us with all your gunsmithing needs at 219-922-1711. Hamrick & Gibson Co.-Gunsmiths A full time professional shop specializing in custom rifles, 1911's, Mauser conversions, blueing, repairs, trigger work, and Quality accessories, e-mail us at, E-Mail:gunny@emeraldis.com Handgunner Custom Gunshop Gun Repairs, Custom Gunsmithing, Custom Ruger 22 Rifles. All Phases of firearm Repair. Specialty's IPSC, Pin Guns, Steel Guns. Hank Fleming, Gunsmith Full time professional gunsmith. Bluing, parkerizing, and teflon finishes. Custom finishes for alloy guns. From simple repairs to full blown race guns, we do it all! Harts Outdoor Specialties Custom gunsmithing and manufacturing, specializing in the unusual and "impossible" jobs. If "it can't be done," let us do it., E-Mail:gunmaker@juno.com J & S Heat Treat Color case hardening and metal work. 803 S. 16th St., Blue Springs, MO 64015, Voice: (816) 229-2149, Fax: (816) 228-1135.
J. K. Willis Gun Repair and Refinishing Specializing in refinishing and repairs., E-Mail: robwill@vnet.net
Macs Shootin' Iron Restorations Mac's refinishes exclusively with "Gunkote," a finish originally developed for the U.S Seal Teams. Gunkote will not rust and has excellent abrasion resistance. Martin's Gun Repair Aside from our gunsmith services, we proudly offer firearms advertising; firearms consulting; wild game recipes; administrative services; a free FFL listing for FFLs who are willing to ship/receive and related and interesting links. Our primary focus is firearms safety and 100% customer satisfaction. Mauser Gunsmithing 98 Mauser smithing. Barrels,triggers,drill and tap,target crown,glass bed,scopes,mounts,safeties,lapping of lugs,lapping of bolt face to receiver,cold blueing,triggers and more. Phone/fax: 864-446-8013. Abbeville,S.C. 29620
McElroy's Gun & Machine Works Manufacturer of custom muzzlebrakes and scopemounts. Professional gunsmith services. Re-designing and modification services for physically challenged shooters.
Midwest gun works Browning factory gunsmiths starting own shop. Will be working on all fine firearms and performing everything from mechanicalwork, refurbishes to full custom. , E-Mail:jwrdn@webtv.net Mike's Shooters Supplies Full service gunsmithing on AR15/M1 rifle/M1A,custom bolt guns for NRA Highpower, tactical, law enforcement, varmint. Mike's Shooters' Supplies AR15, M1 Garand, M14, Custom bolt guns for highpower, varmint, tactical. Full service shop offers match conditioning, repairs, rebarreling. Montana Rifleman Custom gunsmith and rifle barrel manufacturer. Mtart/Gouse Freelance Engraving Michael Gouse does all styles of gun engraving, and specializes in the styles of the Old American West. Beautiful work, reasonable rates, quick turnaround. Norm's Gun Shop We do gunsmithing, order guns, authorized dealer for Taurus, Magnum Research, and Shepherd Scopes., E-Mail:tnrose@wi.frontiercomm.net Oakland Custom Arms, Inc Gunsmiths and Makers of Precision Firearm Accessories including Gunstocks, Muzzle Brakes(patented), adjustable comb hardware, and Metal finishing and Bluing On Target ON TARGET has been a gun dealer & gunsmith in Long Island, NY for the past 17 years. We deal in handguns and their repair and customization. We also will ship and accept shipments of guns for customers. 1559 Jericho Turnpike New Hyde Park, NY 11040. Phone: 516-328-3004, Fax: 516-328-3641., E-Mail:gunman.@ix.netcom.com Parkerizing, Gunsmithing and Gun Refining Survival Enterprises offers the best Parkerizing & Gunsmithing services around for your handguns, rifles and shotguns., E-Mail:gunrunner@earthlink.net Parmelee's Gun Works PGW is dedicated to keeping your firearms in top condition. From simple repairs to specializing in firearm restoration. Also see the online ordering catalog with thousands of items. PistolShot Custom PistolShot Custom - Specializing in custom 1911 autos and AR-15's owner Mike Hernandez strives for the perfect carry weapon based on the 1911 pattern and Browning Hi-Power. He now is working on CCW type firearms and custom builds AR-15's for competition and law-enforcement. Contact him at (505) 891-1614 or by e-mail, E-Mail: Pstlshot@aol.com Precision Arms & Gunsmithing Since 1973 Precision Arms continually leads the way in service and quality craftsmanship. Whether you're purchasing a new firearm or modifying an existing one, our staff will go the extra mile to meet your special needs. With full machine shop services, all work is done on the premises. Pride Gunworks Specializing in action jobs on Ruger GP Series revolvers and 10-22 target conversions, but we provide a full line of gunsmithing services and repair., E-Mail: llfgpo@magick.net Revelation Arms Title 2 manufacturer, retail gun shop, quality guaranteed re-manufactured ammunition. Quality custom gunsmithing. Special parts made in our machine shop Rifle Builder We build accurate quality hunting rifles. Custom reloading dies are our specialty, for both wildcat and obsolete calibers. Your design or ours., E-Mail: Rifle.Builder@usa.net Robert Weidig, GUNSMITH...Quality Firearms- Sales & Service...A One Stop Source For The Shooting Sports! A One Stop Source For All Your Shooting/Hunting Needs. All Makes of Guns, Supplies and Accessories At Low Discount Prices! Offering Full Gunsmithing Services...All Work Guaranteed! E-mail for information, FREE Estimates! Score High Gunsmithing Custom firearms and modifications. Scott, McDougall & Associates A full-time gunsmithing, firearms training and investigation business located in the Montana Hawk indoor firing range. Seminole Gunworks Seminole Gunworks - makers of Precision Choke Tubes, Custom Beretta 390, and gunsmithing. Sidney L. Ryan Custom Engraving and Scrimshaw Artist Custom Handgun Engraving, Scrimshawed Gungrips, Knives and more! Dealers Wanted! Fast Service! Credit Cards Honored! $4.00 Color Catalog. Sisk Gunsmithing, Inc. Complete gun repair, custom rifles and shotguns, full-line retailer, blueing, finishing, lathe work, checkering. 16607 Port O' Call, Crosby, TX 77532. Phone: 281-328-5458, E-Mail:Chucks Gun Tanyard Springs Gun Shop Shotgun stocks, custom rifles, rifle stocks. Tarnhelm Supply Co., Inc. Gunsmithing, training, and accessories.
Terry Clifton, Genuine Gunsmith Rebarreling; accurizing; trigger jobs; muzzle brakes; epoxy and/or pillar bedding; bluing; parkerizing; recoil pads; choke work; customizing, and general gunsmithing. References upon request.
The Gold Line Plating Gold, Silver, Nickel, Copper for the firarms and related industries. Engraving, custom grips and gunsmithing services available. Plating on Aluminum, Stainless steel. Selective Plating
The Gun Engraver Here is your source for quality custom engraving for all firearms, knives and scrimshaw. Specializing in historic recreations of classic engraving styles.
The Hunters Den Complete Gunsmithing Service. Gunsmiths Parts Drawings.
The Shotgun Shop - Gunsmithing by Kirby The best super-long forcing cones available, custom choking and concentrically installed custom choke tubes for all gauges, including thin-walled barrel work that others won't even attempt! Specializing in precision shotgun work for the best possible pattern densities that will bring home the bacon from that next trap match, turkey shoot or round of skeet. Kirby the Gunsmith (314)-282-2259 8a.m. - 10p.m. CST
Thierry Duguet, Engraver Engraving samples from Thierry Duguet.
Tom Matz, Pistolsmith High quality pistolsmithing for a variety of handguns.
USAC United States Arsenal Corporation National Firearms Service Center Division is located at the Midway Florida Armory, Route 1, Box 3010, (US Hwy 90West and County Rd #159) Havana, Florida. We provide firearms transfer service, firearms sales, firearms repair, refinishing, restorations, parts, custom work, action work, stock refinishing and restoration specialist. 850-562-6522 Ultra Coating Co Teflon coating of guns and gun barrels stops rust aids in cleaning especially for the muzzleloaders Wrights Complete repair & restoration of fine shotguns. The best method of backboring in the industry. Complete barrel modifications offered. fine "Baikal" shotguns Custom gunsmith, shotgun engraving Custom gunsmith, shotgun engraving

Dillon Precision
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